Kick snacking to the curb and get your energy and vitality back!

How often have you been told...

I’m here to tell you….

You’ve been fed a false narrative and it's just not true.

Hi, I'm Susi.

I used to believe those things too.

It took a personal health crisis, a lot of health practitioner visits and going to nutrition school to open my eyes.

You absolutely can lose weight after 50.

You can easily get your energy back and reverse the downhill slide.

Introducing RESTART®

Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group - an empowering combination!

What is it?

RESTART® is a live group program, led by Susan “Susi”  Rachouh, FNTP that empowers you to make confident food choices as well as the necessary changes to get your energy and vitality back. 

I'm ready!

Join Susi as your expert guide and commit to a short 5-week group program. Enjoy camaraderie, accountability and support so you can finally kick your snack cravings to the curb.

"The RESTART® program helped me to decrease my sugar and eat better overall, which gave me energy and helped me to lose weight. The group motivation was such an inspiration and the Instructor, Susi really cares about how everyone is doing and provides all the support anyone could need."
- Caroline

3 steps to regain your energy & vitality after 50:

Step 1

Sign up for RESTART®

Step 2

Take the RESTART® group program and kick snacking to the curb.

Step 3

Lose weight and enjoy energy and vitality in midlife!

FREE Guide:
4 Steps to Wellness

Downloadable PDF includes:

• Tips on how to start your own health journey
• Breaks down how to begin eating Real Food
• Tips for sleep issues, staying hydrated and working in more movement into your day

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