6 months to digestive healing: Pairing food sensitivity + digestive testing for big results.

Our digestive systems are powerful enough to turn all of the food we eat into every cell and function of our body while also being the first line of defense against pathogens and invaders! The digestive system literally gives us life, bodies to live in, breathe, brain function and even peace of mind and the ability to experience joy.

Our digestive systems are also so delicate that they are easily breakable when exposed to stress, antibiotics or an imbalanced diet. 

When the digestive system breaks, it can make us frantic, frazzled and inflamed. Not only do we stop digesting our food making us malnourished, hungry and stressed, but it’s often the beginning of a spiral of additional health problems.

Health problems that can arise after the digestive system breaks include food sensitivities, autoimmune disease, skin breakouts, migraines, sugar binges, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances and pretty much any other health condition under the sun.

When we can’t digest our food AND the microbiome (the delicate ecosystem in the intestines) is dysfunctional, AND the immune barriers in the gut are broken, all kinds of serious health issues can arise and spiral out of control.

Because good digestion is such a foundational necessity for living elegantly and peacefully in our bodies, I specialize in helping people repair their digestion and give the body a chance to heal.

We do this first by doing a food sensitivity blood test. This helps us identify foods that are causing inflammation in your body (and your intestines) right now. Inflammation impairs the digestive system’s ability to heal and so we remove those foods for 3-6 months to give us time to dive deeply into digestive healing protocols.

We also do a GI MAP stool test which gives us in-depth information about the state of your microbiome – the good and the bad bugs. The GI MAP also shows us how well you are digesting food, how inflamed the intestines are and how the immune function in the intestines is doing.

We will talk through your results and create a customized protocol to kill the bad bugs, repopulate the good bugs, heal and seal the gut lining, and amp up your digestive capacity. We will get your body digesting and absorbing food again! You will feel calmer, more nourished and ready to be empowered in your life.

Are you read for deep digestive healing? Are you ready to identify and calm down food sensitivity reactions? Are you ready to feel less in pain, less inflamed, less stress, and more nourished? Ask about the Digestive Deep Healing & Food Sensitivity Package for an empowering and fully supported healing journey.

My clients have experienced excellent results. We have identified and eradicated H.Pylori infections (the bug that lives in the stomach and causes ulcers). We have eradicated parasites, worms, bacterial overgrowth and persistent candida infections. We have reversed acid reflux and GERD, calmed down attacks of atrial fibrillation, improved joint pain, calmed down muscle pain, stopped diarrhea, and ended constipation. We have improved sleep and increased daily energy. 

The effects of healing the digestive system are enormous. If you think digestive imbalance might be at the root of your health challenges, let’s talk! I LOVE helping people heal their digestion and unleash their vibrant, beautiful power!

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