A Healing Mindset: Beyond Toxic Cultural Norms

We must believe that our bodies can heal in order to overcome our chronic conditions. It’s not the belief itself that activates the healing. It is the belief though, that opens us to the exploration of the tools we need to advocate and support our bodies and brains in the healing process.

If we are mentally closed to the possibility that there is a better life to lead beyond illness, pain and medications, then we will be stuck right there with a lifetime of illness, pain and medications.

If however, we know enough to have a rational, fact-based understanding that there are wholesome and natural ways to care for ourselves, to heal and feel better, then we can take the next step down the path to figuring out what our personal healing priorities might be.

This mindset of believing in our healing capacity is not a blind faith request. Rather, it is learning to lead a new lifestyle, to eat differently, to seek different modalities for actually caring for our bodies and brains in ways that work.

A healing mindset is not the work itself. A healing mindset though prepares you for the hard work of investigating, commitment, focus, changing and healing.

Our culture is stuck in a malnourished and toxic rut of terrible health. As a society, we seem to barely notice how bad it’s gotten. As a society we are so down the hole of poor health that we don’t even know what we are missing. We don’t see that our food and toxic lifestyle is not serving us.

I don’t ask you to trust blindly in change. I do encourage you though, to be open to experiencing the results for yourself.

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