A Window of Time to Heal + Avoid Medications: Embrace It Now!

At Liz Morgan Nutrition, we are interested in understanding and honoring the needs of our bodies. While we recognize that there are times when medications are the best strategy to manage serious health conditions, in general, we work to keep our bodies and minds healthy and functioning their best so that we won’t need to be faced with the very serious reality of medicating ourselves.

Most people ignore their symptoms, ignore that they are struggling, or take medications to cover up symptoms. When we do these things rather than identify why our bodies are malfunctioning and working to fix the real underlying problems, our health conditions will get worse and often spiral in very serious problems.

As Mindful Omnivores, we believe in the body’s built in ability to heal. Of course, we can’t always heal from all health issues, but there is almost always at least some things that can be done to heal at least to some extent. Often, we can heal and feel better far more than most people realize.

Before going further in this discussion, I will be clear that:

I am not a licensed medical professional and I am not trained in the use of pharmaceuticals as a tool in caring for the human body, so I can not and do not advise on the issue of whether or not to use medications.

However, what I can do is help you navigate the possibility of improving the conditions in your body so that medications are no longer advised by your doctor. 

If a doctor is advising, for example,

  • metformin to balance blood sugar
  • statins because they are seeing high cholesterol
  • a proton pump inhibitor because you have GERD or acid reflux
  • pain medication for chronic pain
  • or any number of other medications to manage your chronic health conditions…

There is often the possibility of resolving the condition sufficiently though diet and lifestyle improvements so that the medication is no longer advised by your doctor.

If you are experiencing a serious medical emergency, or a life-threatening medical situation, of course, work with your doctor to become more stable.

However, if your condition is such that you have some time before needing the medication, it can be extremely beneficial to do the work of functional nutrition to see if any problems can resolve naturally.

It is often the case that GERD can dissipate, that blood sugar responses can become more stable, and even that cholesterol levels can normalize with the right functional nutrition analysis and interventions.

It is up to you and your doctor to decide whether a medication is absolutely needed right now to manage your health conditions or if you have some time to experiment. If your health condition allows time to experiment, 6 months of working together with me doing a functional nutrition analysis and nutrition and lifestyle upgrades, can be extremely life-changing.

If you find yourself in this situation, trying to decide whether to go the medication route but with some time to spare, please feel free to contact me to discuss what we could do together. I am always happy to talk with your medical team to coordinate.

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