Blood Sugar: What’s Normal, What’s not.

Let’s compare what it feels like to live in a healthy, balanced body that is not burdened by sugar dysfunctions, compared to a body that is out of balance with sugar.

Upon Waking: A healthy person with healthy blood sugar systems will arise in the morning feeling rested and with plenty of energy to start their day. In contrast, a person with dysregulated blood sugar will arise NOT feeling rested and will have difficulty waking up.

Breakfast: A person with balanced BS will feel hungry for breakfast whereas an imbalanced person will arise craving caffeine or sugar and maybe a high starch/carb breakfast rather than a balanced one.

Between Meals: A person with balanced BS will not experience intense hunger between meals, or cravings for sugar or carbs, and will maintain stable energy between meals. They will not experience higher or lower energy after eating as their energy remains stable with or without regular feeding.

A dysregulated person will have low energy between meals, and cravings for sugar, carbs and caffeine. They may have less energy after meals, and an energy drop around 3-5pm is common. A moderately dysregulated person may experience relief and more energy after eating, while a severely dysregulated person may experience fatigue after meals.

A dysregulated person even crave proteins and fats between meals but a healthy person does not need to rely on snacks to stay stable whereas a dysregulated person might require these snacks fro stability and energy.

Sleep: A balanced person will become tired in the evening, fall asleep at a reasonable time and will sleep soundly throughout the night. An imbalanced, sugar dysregulated person will have difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep and might wake up around 2-3am and be unable to get back to sleep.

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