Celebrate the Song of Life: The monthly passage

The closer I get to menopause, the more awestruck I become, humbled by the life-giving ebb and flow of our bodies. We are mere inhabitants. They are the wise ones.

I am ever more awestruck by how generations pass on to the next, and new girls turn into new women, inherently carrying this evolutionary masterpiece.

But girls and women suffer with the pain, and cramps, and the fervor of the fluctuations. It is experienced personally and culturally, as a burden. It hurts so much, so there is no time to celebrate, to honor, to be in awe, to love our built-in super powers.

How can we love ourselves for our creative potential (who might we become, what are we capable of), if we can’t even love our inherent wisdom (the evolutionary best practices of time immemorial)?

Over the last few weeks, I have had the honor of joining an amazing seventeen year old on her journey of learning to honor the needs of her body through deep nourishment. After years of struggling and trying to find answers and tactics, she joyfully told me that this was the first month ever that she experienced her menstrual cycle without pain! With ease. Also, she finally had relief from digestive pain and stomach aches. Poof.

She had time in her body where it didn’t hurt as it normally has.

What a proud moment to see a girl appreciate her body for its ability to heal and change and serve her better. What a profound moment to see her understand the body’s ability to react positively to her intentional decisions and dedication to self-care.

When our bodies work better, when we are released from their incessant cries for help. We can experience more joy, more appreciation, and a spark of hope for a better future. We are able gain new knowledge that what we do matters, and how we commit to ourselves matters, and can help.

Feeling soft and comfortable in our bodies gives us a new, gentle ability to move on from the pain and consuming struggle. It gives us the freedom to not be stuck in the mire of physical, and mental pain and dysfunction, of stress, anxiety and malnourishment. It gives us space to move on to the higher things we are meant for.

We can have difficulty cherishing and honoring our body’s natural wisdom when time after time the monthly cycle creates overwhelming pain and trouble. But if that process can lighten, can feel better we are released into a space where the fluctuations become song, rather than torture.

We can become empowered to experience our monthly cycles, our bodies, and living in general, as a celebration, not a burden.

I am truly humbled and awestruck. I don’t remember crying over other people’s periods as a younger person. But now, knowing how much we all suffer, struggle, feel demoralized, the happier I am to see someone else, younger women, have a chance of not carrying that burden quite so heavily. 

Together, we can find a way, through healing and honoring our body’s needs, through living more comfortably in our beautiful, wise, delicate bodies, to release the perception that the natural way of things is a burden, and instead, celebrate the song that gives us life. 

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