Changing the Food System to Support Vibrant Health (Why is this controversial?)

I’ve recently begun sharing more clearly and specifically that my mission is to transform the American food system into one that makes people and ecosystems vibrant and healthy.

I’ve received a surprising amount of controversy on what seems to me to be a very basic concept: The food system should make us and the ecosystems vibrant and healthy. Why is the so controversial?

People say:

  • we can’t do that
  • it’s too big
  • people want you to help them feel better, not save the planet
  • it’s too unfocused
  • it’s impossible
  • and just blank stares, or worse, angry glares at the proposal for massive systemic change.

Let me share HOW I plan to transform the food system into one that supports healthy, happy people and a thriving planet.

I intend to unleash the power of the people to:

  1. Understand what their own bodies need to heal and be healthy and feel good.
  2. Make wise food choices to support their own healing
  3. Make wise food choices that also support humane treatment of animals and regenerative agricultural systems (Not the corporate brainwashed version of regenerative, but the real, down-home, unleash life and nature into our food system).

When you, and I and we together make different, better choices about what food to purchase, what farmers and ranchers to support, we, together, change the world we live in. The current toxic, processed, unhealthy, inhumane, planet-destroying food system has not been around all that long. It will end up being a short-lived blip on the timeline of human culture.

  • Our food system can sequester more carbon and methane than it emits.
  • Our health can dramatically improve.
  • We can overcome the chronic disease epidemic.
  • We can bring the earth back to life.
  • We can live decadently, deliciously, and have more fun doing it than we currently are having in the dead-end food system that is harming the planet and the people.

I get that this feels too big for some people.

To me though, transforming the food system into one that makes people and the planet healthy seems clearly to be the only sane, rational, proper, correct path forward. The experiment with all of the chemicals, the tilling, the destruction of topsoil, the torture of animals, the destruction and desecration of natural systems and water and air and pollinators and climate must end. We, collectively, have the power to create this transformation.

The resistance, I think, comes from being so stuck inside the current cultural food model that it prevents some people from seeing the way it is really meant to be: Humans living in harmony with nature, being nourished by it, and nourishing it back in return.

It’s not impossible. But they are right, I can’t do it alone.

I do it with you. I do it by teaching people like you, who need help creating a better, more healing and enjoyable food culture in your home, how to create a food flow that works for your body, your health issues and your family. While we figure out what your body needs to heal through the work of functional nutrition, you will also learn to be part of the new regenerative food system, the one that will heal the people and the planet.

If the food system does anything less than make people and the planet healthy, we are doing it wrong as a society. We already know how to create a regenerative food system. Now it’s just time for each of us to participate and engage; to make wise food choices for our own bodies and for the planet.

I invite you to join me on my mission. In 2021, together, we will make strides to live more gracefully in our own bodies, and more gracefully on this gorgeous, life-sustaining earth.

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