Do you feel alone in your health journey?

Years ago, when I was just getting my nutrition practice up and running, I had a conversation with a doctor friend about my services. I told him that my initial meeting with my clients is 90 minutes. He was in shock that I would spend this much time with people, not only or financial reasons, but because he couldn’t understand what we would spend so much time talking about.

In the 5 years since, I have even more firmly dedicated myself to spending time with my clients – not just in that first meeting, but over the months that we work together. I’m there for them and with them. I am dedicated to hearing their stories and their struggles. I am dedicated to supporting them, not only with lab tests and powerful healing protocols, but by taking the time to make sure they understand what’s going on in their bodies and to be a partner and collaborator in their healing journey.

I have learned that most people don’t understand even the most basic functions of their bodies. I have found that once people have a better sense about why they are experiencing the troubling symptoms they came to me to address, they are more committed to supporting their own bodies to heal and recover.

As much as I am part of the relationship in the healing journey, the real relationship, the profound, lifelong benefit is that my clients develop is a deeper, more meaningful relationship, and a stronger love and appreciation for their own bodies and their own brains. I am a guide to help people be in relationship with their own bodies and this has proven to be an amazing awakening for the people I support on this endeavor.

I’ll analyze your lab test results and explain them to you in detail. I’ll create custom healing protocols and explain them to you in detail and support you through every step of the healing journey. You will learn about your body systems and how to recognize when they are out o balance and what to do about it. You will learn to not only live in, but to thrive in a more wholesome and loving relationship with you own body once and for all.

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