Test Don’t Guess: Faster, more precise healing when we know specifically what’s wrong

Lab testing is a vital part of the work we will do together.

We will work with a comprehensive set of tests that might include our comprehensive blood panel, food sensitivity testing, adrenal stress hormone testing, sex hormone tests and our comprehensive digestive function and microbiome testing options.

In our Initial Investigation Session, we will decide what sequence of lab testing is appropriate for you. Get ready for a much deeper and more clear picture of what your body needs to heal. I will then walk you through every step of the process to address the needs and priorities we discover based on our discussions and your lab testing results.

Have you been told your lab results look perfect but you still feel something is wrong? Let’s apply a functional perspective and take a deeper, more sensitive look at what your results really mean.

Food is powerful. There is no doubt about that. When a human (or any animal) eats an abundance of wholesome, nourishing, clean, nontoxic, properly prepared foods appropriate for their species, in an appropriate balance, our bodies and brains will be healthier than if we ate a diet consisting of processed, packaged, toxic, malnourishing junk.

The need for real food, underlies all healing protocols that a functional nutrition practitioner and a Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner will utilize, but generalized wholesome food recommendations are not the end of the story.

Chronic illness, chronic pain, and chronic exhaustion sufferers often won’t get better just by upgrading their food. People often need more specific, targeted strategies. Our beautiful, delicate bodies experience complex dysfunctions that are often not figureoutable without comprehensive lab testing to look deeper and deeper.

The complex balance between systems, functions and microorganisms in our bodies can often be brought back into balance once we have a clear picture of what exactly is out of balance.

We can assess functions such as:

  • the circadian rhythm feedback loop between cortisol and melatonin
  • what foods and chemicals are specifically causing inflammation
  • what gut bacteria are missing or overgrown
  • what gut fungus is overgrown
  • the complexity of thyroid hormone production, conversion and autoantibodies
  • inflammatory responses in the cardiovascular system
  • digestive inflammation and function
  • stress hormone impacts on digestive, sugar and hormonal function
  • low level anemia
  • and so much more

As a functional nutrition practitioner, I analyze the deep needs of my clients bodies based on lab test markers, symptoms, and what I know about their lifestyle, stress, sleep, sugar and dietary intake, toxic exposure.

We combine the science with the lifestyle factors to create the most clear picture about WHY and WHAT NEXT and WHAT CAN BE DONE. 

With lab testing, along with a functional perspective about how the body systems, food and lifestyle are related, we can more powerfully understand what the body needs to heal and then create protocols that meet the real needs of the body.

I’ve had a very many clients come to me having dabbled for quite a long time with suspicions about what’s wrong but no real clarity, and more importantly, no real solutions.

Testing, not guessing, in a functional sense, gives us the foundational information we need to develop a truly powerful strategy for balancing the body’s systems and getting you back on track and living your life with less pain, more energy and more ease.

If you have been struggling too long on your own, or perhaps going from doctor to doctor to doctor, it might be time to dive more deeply into functional testing and healing solutions.

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