The Digestive System: From Poop to Poetry

Our digestive system is a literal ecosystem containing a symbiotic world of organisms that are as necessary to our wellbeing as our brain, our heart and the food we eat! Our digestive system is also a delicate, breakable and immensely powerful set of organs including the stomach, the liver, the gallbladder, the intestines, the pancreas, and even the brain!

Consider the majestic and poetic elegance of this system that turns everything we eat… into poop, but keeps us alive and thriving in between.

I used to think of my digestive system as sort of a maintenance-free, stainless steel machine. Strong. Unbreakable. Churning and doing its job whether I gave it any  consideration and upkeep or not.

After helping hundreds of clients regain their digestive function, I can definitively proclaim that the digestive system does break. It’s very common in fact. Incredibly common. Most people are walking around with digestive systems that are broken and causing all kinds of decline in their quality of life.

So what does it feel like when our digestive system isn’t working right? And why does it matter?

It will feel different for different people. For some, a broken digestive system will feel like a belly ache, or bloating, smelly gas, constipation or diarrhea. For others it will feel like food sensitivities, allergies, hives and even trouble breathing. For still others, broken digestion will feel like hormonal imbalances, painful menstrual or menopausal symptoms, trouble with sexual performance or even prostate enlargement. For others, a broken digestive system will feel like exhaustion, grumpiness or lack of zest for life. Broken digestion might feel like nausea or motion sickness. It might feel like chronic muscle or joint pain or even headaches.

Poor digestion has a massive impact on our quality of life. Think about it! If we’re not digesting our food, then we are not getting the vital nutrients we need to power every single function in the body!

A belly ache is not just a belly ache.

A belly ache is not just a belly ache. It means the entire system is broken. It means no matter how much wholesome, nourishing food we eat, we just won’t get the benefits of it.

Any of these symptoms might mean that the bad bugs are outnumbering the good bugs in the delicate ecosystem of our intestines. It might mean that the good bugs can’t do their job of stabilizing our weight, controlling our cardiovascular system, balancing the immune system, prevent infections, producing nutrients like K2, and helping the intestines absorb the good nutrients from our food.

Any of these symptoms might mean that the liver and gallbladder are sluggish and can’t do their job of removing toxic compounds from our bodies. That leads to a whole cascade of issues from declining brain function to anger and anxiety to joint pain and infertility!

The good news is, the digestive system is resilient. It can be fixed. It can be restored AND fixing it will improve your life!

Take Action to Improve Your Digestion

I am a digestive expert using state-of-the-art science and clinical insights to figure out what exactly is wrong with your digestive system and how to fix it. I employ lab testing strategies and super powerful protocols plus a deep, functional analysis about your body systems, to help the digestive system heal and work again!

If you are ready to take charge of your life by moving beyond dysfunction and towards lifelong healing, schedule your first session to investigate whether my 6-month digestive healing package is right for you. 

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