Welcome to the Mindful Omnivore Blog!

In The Mindful Omnivore Blog I aim to cultivate a movement of people who care about improving human and planetary health. I aim to show you how human health and planetary health are irrevocably joined. We will discuss what we can do as individuals, and as a movement, to unleash vibrant health for people and the planet.

It is clear that human health is massively in decline. It is clear that the medical establishment and the governmental policy establishments are not meeting the imperatives of our pressing health crisis. We must step up.

In The Mindful Omnivore blog I will address the reasons for this health decline and how functional nutrition and a mindful approach to eating, self care and lifestyle can and must reverse the chronic illness epidemic and unleash true healing and ultimate health for the people.

It is clear that the planet is dying due to human behavior. In The Mindful Omnivore blog I will show you how we can transform our food and lifestyle choices to not only improve our own health, but also improve the health of the planet. We must reverse climate change, species extinction, and toxic build up in our water, soil and air. We will discuss in this blog, how these issues can be dealt with using the exact same strategies that are required to fix our personal health crisis.

It’s time for a cultural revolution. It’s time for a great healing of people and planet. In The Mindful Omnivore Blog, I will show you how we can and must transform our food system and our food culture and unleash new cultural norms that make it easy and graceful for us to reclaim our right to personal and planetary health. it is time to take action to restore our own health and to heal the earth.

It will be decadent. It will be more fun than you imagine. I’m so glad you’re here to join me in the great healing.

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